Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wolf, Wolf. Aesop's Tale and Modern Application


Some old tales raise their heads today.

Old, Aesop version: scroll down to Shepherd's boy and the Wolf at  ://classics.mit.edu/Aesop/fab.1.1.html/

I.  There was a shepherd boy near a village, with a flock of sheep.  Bored, he cried out loudly, "Wolf!  Wolf!"  The villagers came running, and when they saw there was no Wolf, the boy just laughed at them.  And sat back to watch the sheep.

Soon, though, a real wolf came.  "Help!" cried the shepherd boy.  "Wolf!  Wolf!"   But the villagers ignored him.  And the Wolf, without fear, ate his fill.

II.  New.  News today.  Libya needs help, populations in danger; US is hamstrung from having invaded enough, and on false pretenses, in Irag etc., Middle east.

There was a Nation in the world, that could reach other countries.  Bored, the Nation cried out loudly, "WMD!  WMD! Invade!"  The Nation's people and others in the world came running, and when they saw there were no WMD, no reason to invade, the Nation just laughed at them.  And sat back to do whatever.

Soon, though a real reason to invade came.  "Help! Cried the Nation. "Invade!  Invade!  Innocents are being slaughtered!"

But the world ignored the Nation.  And the slaughterer of innocents, without fear, killed his fill. 

Moral (several versions):  A liar, individual or nation, will not be believed, even when speaking truth.  Or, calling a false alarm will mean no-one comes when there is a real alarm.